Advanced Announcements Driver

The Control4 Home Automation system has the ability to play audio announcements through the audio outputs on its controllers and speaker points.  These announcements can play back any file encoded in a wav format.  Traditionally these announcements have been used for doorbells and pre-recorded messages.
Chowmain’s Advanced Announcements driver expands the announcement agent by providing integration with web based text to speech engines.  This gives you futuristic dynamically generated voice notifications over your Control4 system without any additional hardware.

We recently updated our driver to now support voice recording via a built in HTML5 web server.  You can now browse the page using your firefox or chrome browser on windows, linux, mac or android operating systems and record your voice and send it to Control4 for playback.  Note this will not work on Apple IOS devices.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Usage Scenarios

  • Reading out the time and date to the blind eg “the time currently is 10:00am”.
  • Notifying you about how many times your phone has rung whilst you were out. eg “Whilst you were out you received 3 phone calls”.
  • Notifying you about how many times your doorbell has been pressed whilst you were out. eg “Whilst you were out your doorbell was pressed twice”.
  • Notifying you about the weather forecast for the day eg “The weather forecast for today is late showers with a minimum of 5 and maximum of 13 degrees”.
  • Notifying you about the current energy usage. eg “Your house is currently using 4.5 kilowatts hours”.
  • Page a person throughout your home or office using the built in PA system functionality.

Sample Audio Clip


  • Dynamic text to speech generation
  • Ability to speak the time
  • Ability to speak the date
  • Ability to inject variables
  • Currently supports 3 text to speech engines with multiple languages, voices, speed and pitch

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