Daikin Airbase (BRP15B61) Driver for Control4

In Australia and New Zealand (and other countries) HVAC integration has been hard because HVAC companies do not utilise the honeywell based wiring that most smart thermostats like Nest, Control4 and Honeywell use.  In order to integrate HVAC you had to install commercial grade HVAC solutions and get additional modules.  There was no definitive and easy way to know if a HVAC solution was going to work without consulting a HVAC installer.

To put it simple it was just too hard and too expensive to integrate HVAC.

Now with the Airbase module installers can now easily integrate Daikin based Ducted and Sky based HVAC systems into Control4.  The module is extremely affordable and will not void Daikin's manufacturer warranty on the HVAC system.  This module is even backwards compatible with systems dated back to 2003.  So dealers can now revisit old customers with compatible Daikin HVAC systems to upgrade their home automation system and integrate their HVAC system.

The Chowmain Daikin Airbase driver integrates the Airbase module and provides full 2 way control over temperature, HVAC mode, setpoint, fan speed, timer functions and zone control. Setup of hardware and driver should take you no more than 30 minutes once you get the hang of it.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.10 and above.


  • Auto detect HVAC Modes – OFF, HEAT, COOL, FAN and optional AUTO and DRY modes*

  • Auto detect FAN Speeds – AUTO, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH with optional LOW/MEDIUM and MEDIUM/HIGH*

  • Setpoint Control

  • Temperature Feedback

  • Auto detect Zone Names*

  • Zone State Control and Feedback*

  • Ability to add Presets

  • Ability to perform Scheduling

* If fitted to the HVAC system.

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