Airtopia Enhanced Climate Control

Split infrared controlled HVAC systems are quite common in Australia and New Zealand.  The issue with these systems is that control is only one way, without any feedback what so ever.  Furthermore each IR string contains code information about the mode, fan speed and set point within in.  Given this you must learn every single combination of IR code to get full integration into your home automation system.

Airtopia utilises a room temperature sensor, current transformer and IR blaster to provide total control over what would normally be a way one system.  Airtopia is easy to set up.  Simply point your remote at Airtopia and press a button.  Airtopia will then search its online cloud database for the correct code set and load it into the hardware.  Quick and simple.

Airtopia have sponsored us to develop a FREE driver for Control4 that integrates the Airtopia device into the Control4 home automation system allowing control on any Control4 touchscreen, iphone, ipad, android device or 4sight web service.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.  For technical support please contact airtopia via email ( or via phone (Australia 1800 247 867 OPT 2 or International +61 3 9018 7899).


  • Heat, Cool & Auto HVAC modes supported.
  • Low, Medium, High & Auto Fan modes supported.
  • 14 – 34 degrees of Set Point supported.
  • Temperature Feedback via the optional room temperature sensor
  • Energy usage feedback available in a variable for programming.
  • Ability to send horizontal swing, vertical swing, powerful, quiet, economica modes.
  • Two way feedback.  Control the HVAC unit from the Airtopia cloud or smart phone application and Control4 will get feedback of the change in state.

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