amBX lighting controller driver for Control4

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Announcing the new Control 4 Driver Module for amBX Light-Scene Engine which allows slick integration of the power of amBX lighting control for Control 4 home automation installations. 

The driver has been developed by Chowmain, a world renowned creator of Control4 drivers for some of the worlds leading brands and is available from amBX distributor Sun-Light Solutions.

Alan Chow of Chowmain says – “10 out of 10 stars.  amBX integration with Control4 offers seamless lighting scenes to match the perfect high-end environment.”

Collaboration between Sun-Light Solutions, Chowmain NZ & amBX UK delivers the Control4 driver module for the amBX Light-Scene Engine, famous for controlling lights to video and audio content for cinema, media rooms etc. Chowmain has seamlessly developed the integration driver for the Light-Scene Engine for Control4 OS version 2.6.0 running on the new T3 series, iPhones, iPads etc.

Neil MacDonald, amBX COO comments "We are delighted to see the capabliity of our new generation of amBX lighting control being made available for Control 4 installations in this way. Chowmain and Sun-Light Solutions have done a brilliant job and it's exciting to take lighting forward in this way".

The integration features include user selection of space, Light-Scene, brightness & saturation.

Some key features of the Light-Scene Engine Driver.

  • Definable IP Address
  • Definable Poll interval
  • Definable Space selection
  • Definable Brightness
  • Definable Saturation

Light Scene Driver

  • Ability to bind to slot in engine driver (1-24)
  • Automatic Naming of light scenes (pulls name from engine)
  • Definable Colour (via colour wheel)

2 way feedback

  • Driver will turn on the current scene and off scenes that are not on for that space.

The driver is exclusively available from Sun-Light Solutions Ltd, please contact for further information and support – – +44 (0)7887 634990

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