Artison Nano Backpack P5 Control4 Driver



The Artison Nano Backpack P-5 is a game changing product. Backpack is the world’s smallest AV Amplifier and will lead the way re-defining media system design. Beautifully crafted from extruded aluminium and satin black ABS plastic, this vanishingly small AV Amp is well-featured and powerful enough for most media room applications. Installing backpack locally, with the TV will bring enormous savings in rack space, HVAC, cabling and complexity, allowing installers to deliver a more cost effective and reliable system.

The Backpack driver for Control4 allows the following functionality.

  • IP Ethernet control

  • Composer Connections and input selection

    • HDMI in 1

    • HDMI in 2

    • HDMI in 3

    • TV (ARC)

    • Optical in

    • Aux in

    • Bluetooth

    • DLNA

  • Programming control of

    • Power on

    • Standby

    • Volume Up/Down/Set

    • Mute On/Off

    • Surround sound mode setting

    • OSD menu control via Control4 remote control



How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by Redline and is FREE of charge to those who purchase Backpack off of Redline. Redline can also sell licences for those who have purchased elsewhere.

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