Belkin WeMo

Control4 supplies the wireless outlet switch that makes any household plug-in device, like lamps, appliances and electronics part of the Control4 system by turning a standard outlet into a smart outlet.

Unfortunately this device is not available to the majority of the world as it only supports 120VAC voltage for US plug type devices.

Introducing the Belkin WeMo Switch.  It has US/UK/AU-NZ plug types and is extremely affordable.  This WiFi based power outlet supports up to 10amps and can be easily integrated into the Control4 home automation system using the Chowmain Belkin WeMo driver for energy monitoring and control.

The Insight switch can be utilised for energy monitoring and management using our driver and Control4.  It can also be useful for device health monitoring and also for automatic selection of manually controlled AV devices like Playstation 4’s, Xbox One’s and Wii U’s.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.  This driver will work with the Belkin WeMo Switch (Model Number F7C027), Belkin WeMo Mini Smart Plug ( (Model Number F7C063) and the Belkin WeMo Insight Switch (Model Number F7C029).  



  • Auto discovery of IP address and port by entering in the serial number of the WeMo
  • Auto update of IP address and port upon change
  • Abilty to connect driver to outlet light or relay device drivers which in turn allows you to view the correct icon on navigator interface or even eliminate standby power on AV based devices.
  • Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming
  • On/Off feedback from the device.
  • This driver can also detect power usage statistics from the WeMo insight switch.  This can be useful for programming energy management based actions.
  • Ability to use energy monitoring in insight switches for automatic selection and room off of Playstation, Xbox One, Wii U and other manually controlled devices

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