Big Ass Fans/Lights Haiku Driver

The Chowmain Haiku Driver for Control4 allows integration of the IP controllable Haiku Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Lights into Control4 allowing full 2 way multispeed fan and multi level lighting control over your home.

Integration into Control4 allows control from a single point using Control4's touchscreens, mobile applications, keypads, handheld remote controls and cloud based 4sight remote monitoring and control service.  On top of that it exposes control over the Haiku products in the Control4 ecosystem to provide interaction from other devices in the home.

From turning off your fans and lights when you arm your security system to automatically turning them on when it detects you are at home and if the temperature is at an uncomfortable level integration provides you with so many different solutions to make your lifestyle that much easier.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.8 and above.



  • Automatically find Lights and Fans on your network
  • Automatic polling every 30 seconds for updated feedback

Light Features

  • Automatic naming of device upon binding
  • Auto mapped light levels (Control4 has 0-100 where Haiku has 0-16)
  • Support for Advanced Lighting Scenes
  • Two way feedback – Level, Device Name, Device MAC Address, Device IP Address

Fan Features

  • Automatic naming of device upon binding
  • Assign Preset Speed (On speed when toggled)
  • Assignable Speeds (Control4 have speeds Off to 4 where Haiku have Off to 7)
  • Two way feedback – Speed, Device Name, Device MAC Address, Device IP Address

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