Boardroom Example

In this example we discuss how we can utilise Chowmain drivers and Control4 to implement a commercial boardroom solution.

Boardrooms need to be easy with little or no education to the end user.  As such we need to be smart in implementing a control solution in this environment.

What do we need?


Optional Parts

  • Blind Control - Infrared Control, Card Access Wireless Contact Relay or Somfy Zigbee to Digital Motor  Interface/Plug in Module (Depends on which blind you purchase).
  • Lighting Control - Control4 Keypad Dimmer
  • Control - Control4 SR-250 and/or touchscreen



  1. Connect the Projector to the serial port or infra red port of the Control4 HC250
  2. Connect the Motorised Screen to the infra red port of the Control4 HC250
  3. Connect the Chromecast to the projector
  4. If your blind has infrared contol connect the blind to the infra red port of the Control4 HC250.  If it is relay controlled connect the up trigger to relay 1 and down trigger to relay 2.  If you have somfy blinds please follow their installation instructions.

How it all interacts together

Chowmain's Google Chromecast driver plays a key role in this solution.

The person who is presenting in the boardroom can utilise the screen sharing functionality in chrome to display his desktop and any applications showing on it automatically by simply pressing the cast button in Google Chrome.

The driver automatically detects that the chromecast is screen mirroring and It will then lower the screen, turn on the projector and switch it to the correct input.


The Control4 Dimmer Keypad will automatically ramp down the lighting in the boardroom to a suitable level or off depending on the customers preferences.  Blinds and curtains will be closed to shut out any unwanted lights.

The keypad dimmer will also act as control over lighting, source selection and blind control for those who want to control it manually.

If required the Control4 SR-250 remote control or touchscreen can be used to control the chromecast video playback if the user is watching youtube or Plex.