Bond Bridge Driver

Bond Bridge lets you connect your existing remote controlled ceiling fans, fireplaces or blinds to your smart devices.

This Wifi based device can be placed anywhere there is WiFi coverage making it easy to control IR/RF devices that are in locations that are hard to run cable.

Integration into Control4 allows you to activate, control fan speeds, open/close shades, turn on lights and more all from a single point using Control4's touchscreens, mobile applications, keypads, handheld remote controls, onscreen and cloud based 4sight remote monitoring service.

Use cases include

  • Turning off your fireplaces, fans and lights when you arm your security system

  • Automatically turning devices on when Control4 detects you are at home

  • With Bond’s recent integration of Somfy RTS blinds this makes an easy and affordable retro solution to control somfy blinds so now you can automate somfy shades to open in the morning, close at night or to block out sun on hot days to reduce energy in your home.


  • Automatic Discovery of Bond Bridge

  • Automatic import and naming of Devices

  • Supported Devices

    • IR / RF based fans (including built in lights)

      • Fan On/Off

      • Fan speeds

    • IR / RF based fireplaces

      • Flame up action

      • Flame down action

      • Flame levels action

      • Fan speeds action

      • Power On/Off

    • Somfy RTS blinds

      • Open

      • Close

      • Stop

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