NOTE: For the best Plex experience try using our Plex Full driver for Control4.  This is by far the ultimate plex integration available for Control4.

Chowmain Control4 Driver for Plex Home Theater

Plex Home Theater is a software based media player that can be installed on Mac and Windows based operating systems.  Plex offers a beautiful simple interface that enriches your playback experience.

The Chowmain Control4 Driver for Plex Home Theater enables us to integrate the Plex Home Theater software into the Control4 home automation system with seamless control and feedback.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.


  • IP based communications
  • Transport controls
  • Movie integration into Control4’s Navigator (currently only works for windows).
  • Audio End-Point assignment for line level volume up/down/mute functionality
  • Video End-Point assignment
  • 2 way feedback via the JSON API for play, pause, stop, movie started/finished, screen saver active/deactive
  • Assignable buttons for non intuitive buttons
  • Wake-on Lan functionality
  • Power off options
  • Ability to send custom messages to Plex Home Theater via Plex Notification (similar to Control4 Announcements via Navigator).

Combine this driver with the Chowmain Control4 Driver for Plex Media Server to add fully automated movie import capabilities.

LEGAL NOTICE: Chowmain is not associated with Plex.  Our software and products are not endorsed by Plex.  Plex, the Plex Play logo and Plex Media Server are trademarks of Plex and used under a license

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