Chowmain Control4 Driver for Plex Media Server

Control4’s movie management system was designed to handle DVD changers and as such only works well with DVD folder type structures.  Unfortunately the majority of today’s video containers are not DVD folders and as such cannot be cataloged easily with Control4.  This makes creating and managing a Control4 movie library tedious and time consuming task .

As such Chowmain has made movie management so much simpler with the Plex Media Server solution.

Plex Media Server is software designed to catalog and distribute your movies and music.  The software can be installed on windows, linux, mac osx and even on specific NAS drives.

The Chowmain Control4 Driver for Plex Media Server parses the Plex Media Server database for a list of its movies and grabs the meta data and cover art for all of the movies it finds.  It then inserts it into the Control4 network file storage driver as if the driver scanned it itself.  As such the driver will work with any media player that supports movie playback from Control4’s navigator interface.  This includes the Control4 media player, network EVA8000/8000, dune media players and more.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.


  • Integration with any Plex Media Server
  • Ability to sort out which files go with the network file storage driver set up.
  • Movie Cover Art injection
  • Movie Meta Data injection

Plex Media Server Driver Installation Video

LEGAL NOTICE: Chowmain is not associated with Plex.  Our software and products are not endorsed by Plex.  Plex, the Plex Play logo and Plex Media Server are trademarks of Plex and used under a license

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