Command to Event Driver

Chowmain’s Command to Event driver for ELAN allows ELAN programmers to override existing remote control buttons to fire event maps.

This lets the programmers to be more creative in the solutions they provide their customers to add extra functionality.

For example they can make a one way IR bluray driver dim lights when the play, pause or stop buttons are pressed on the remotes.

Another example is that they can assign a hard button to toggle a light on and off or perhaps create a macro to execute a sequence of commands.

This driver will only work on ELAN Core 8.2 and above.


  • Support for every universal function / command.
  • Ability to override commands on a source to fire events.

Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • Events can be programmed to fire any command or sequence of commands.
    • Example – A hard button can be mapped to a light toggle command
  • Events can be programmed to fire the default remote button along with firing any other command
    • Example - Bluray play command fires Bluray play along with turning off lights or pause command fires pause command along with turning on lights.
    • Example – Number buttons can fire different lighting scenes to suit the customer’s mood.

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