Control by Web Driver for Control4


ControlByWeb manufactures IP based monitoring and control devices that provide various inputs and outputs such as relays, digital inputs, analog inputs, 1-wire bus for monitoring of temperature & humidity, etc.

Chowmain has ControlByWeb devices into Control4 to expose their inputs and outputs for various integration requirements. This is exposed to Control4 via relay bindings, contact sensor bindings and variables which can be used in programming. The X-400 i/o controller can add upto 100 I/Os over 32 expansion modules for large scale solutions.

Note that this is a polled solution so feedback is not instantaneous.

What models will this work for?

We have specific drivers for the X-310, X-320 and X-332 models and have a universal model which is tested to be compatible with

  • WebRelay-10

  • WebRelay-10 Plus

  • WebSwitch

  • WebSwitch Plus

  • X-300

  • X-301

  • X-317

  • X-320

  • X-400 (with various expansions)

  • X-405

  • X-406

  • X-410

  • X-418

  • X-420

Unlisted models may not work via direct communications. If it doesn’t work we recommend adding in a X-400 controller and have it communicate to the specific models as expansions.

Download X-310 Driver Installation Guide

Download X-320 Driver Installation Guide

Download X-332 Driver Installation Guide

Download Universal Driver Installation Guide

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

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