Image Uploader Drivers

With the 4sight subscription service Control4 can send email notifications.  It can’t however attach camera snapshots to these emails for viewing.  Our drivers for Control4 will download a snapshot from any IP camera with a built in webserver and upload it to the image hosting services.  It will then return a URL in a Control4 variable for insertion into your 4sight email or push notification

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Usage Scenarios


This driver can be used for several different scenarios.  Some examples are as below but the limit is really your imagination.

  • Doorbell press sends a image link via 4sight email
  • Doorbell press sends a image link via push notification
  • Security system alarm sends a image link via 4sight email.
  • Door open sends a photo of whoevers at the door to an email.



  • Type in any URL (supports HTTPS, HTTP Auth, different port numbers)
  • Gets the image and uploads it to
  • Returns the URL in the Driver’s properties page
  • Returns the URL as a variable




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