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Chowmain develops drivers for ELAN dealers and integrators to further enhance their client's projects.   Driver licences and downloads are available on the driverCentral store.

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FREE Anthem MDX Driver - The Anthem MDX Series are the first distribution systems to feature fully powered independent-zone subwoofer connections, as well as ARC® Genesis room correction for each zone. The ELAN driver offers IP and RS232 control with independant switching, volume, mute and more.

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OPPO Bluray ELAN.png

Oppo Bluray (All Models) - This driver provides advanced two way control/feedback over all Oppo bluray players including the new UDP-203/205   This two way feedback provides the consumer with an emersive experience where feedback from the player automates lighting, projection modes, screen masking, automated projector/tv/receiver power and more.

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PJLink ELAN.png

PJ Link Universal Projector Driver - PJLink is a unified communications standard adopted by multiple projector manufacturers. Supported manufacturers include (but not limited to) Benq, Mitsubishi Electric, InFocus, NEC, Casio, Canon, Sharp, Sky, Seiko Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Ricoh.  This driver will provide two way IP control over these projectors.

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Sky UK ELAN.png

British Sky+ HD / Sky Q Driver - This driver provides IP control over the British Sky+ HD & Sky Q / Sky Q mini set top boxes along with the ability to view channel guide information with artwork directly from the URC interfaces.

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Videostorm IRUSB - The Videostorm IRUSB device allows us to control any Android set top box including the Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV, Foxtel Now, Xiaomi MiBox and more. It also adds additional IR outputs to ELAN by replicating the Global Cache protocol allowing for control over local IR devices via  the built in ELAN Global Cache drivers.

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