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Chowmain develops drivers for ELAN dealers and integrators to further enhance their client's projects.   Driver licences and downloads are available on the driverCentral store.

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Belkin WeMo - The Belkin WeMo is a WiFi controlled power output available for purchase world wide.  This relatively cheap device provides on/off control over devices that are not normally controllable.  From floor lamps to fans or eliminating standby power on your AV equipment, the possibilities are really endless.

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Nexus21 Elan.png

FREE Nexus 21 Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount Driver - The Nexus 21 Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount allows for full control over the motorised device. The device is capable of moving in multiple directions as well as moving to preset locations. This device is the first of its kind to include IP control and feedback.

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RoomMe Elan.png

RoomMe - RoomMe identifies who's in a room by Smartphones and when combined with your home automation system can automatically sets light, music and temperature to the preferences of the actual people present.

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Sainsmart iMatic v2 ELAN.png

SainSmart iMatic v2 - The SainSmart iMatic V2 provides 8 x 250V/AC 10A Relays channels that is controlled over ethernet TCP/IP.  This unit is extremely affordable, is powered via a local 12vdc supply and is also din mountable.  Other solutions cost upto 10 times more.  This is by far the cheapest way to integrate relays into ELAN.

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