Chowmain develops drivers for ELAN dealers and integrators to further enhance their client's projects.   Driver licences and downloads are available on the driverCentral store.

Belkin Wemo ELAN.png

Belkin WeMo - The Belkin WeMo is a WiFi controlled power output available for purchase world wide.  This relatively cheap device provides on/off control over devices that are not normally controllable.  From floor lamps to fans or eliminating standby power on your AV equipment, the possibilities are really endless.

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Big Ass Fans ELAN.png

Big Ass Fans/Big Ass Lights Haiku - The Chowmain Haiku Driver for ELAN allows integration of the Haiku based Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Lights into ELAN allowing full 2 way multispeed fan and multi level lighting control over your home.

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Noon Home - ELAN.png

FREE Noon Lighting System Driver - Noon's wifi enabled light switches rivals the performance of elite systems without the complexity or high-end cost.  Integration to ELAN offers two way control and feedback over any Noon enabled circuit and/or scene in your home.

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TP-Link ELAN.png

TP-Link Smart Home - TP-Link develop a range of affordable easy to install wifi based smart home products including smart outlets, wall switches and smart bulbs which can be integrated into ELAN with full two way control and feedback.

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