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For years i have been using the free DynDNS service for various systems.  Recently DynDNS has decided to shut off its free services.  As an alternative i have selected Duck DNS.  Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of to an IP of your choice.  This is great for internet connections with dynamic ip addresses.  Not all routers however support dynamic dns services and pretty much no router (at least without a 3rd party firmware) will support Duck DNS.  As such i have written a small free driver that will automatically update Duck DNS with the IP address of the internet connection that your Control4 Controller is on.


  1. Visit
  2. Log in using your facebook, google or reddit account
  3. Create a sub domain
  4. Edit your current ip to something different (we do this so we can confirm it will work)
  5. Record down the token
  6. Add the driver to your project
  7. Enter in the sub domain you have chosen and the token generated
  8. The driver should have automatically updated the IP address.  Check on the Duck DNS website to confirm.


This driver is designed to auto update duck dns with the WAN ip address of the current internet connection.

Updates will automatically occur once every 30 minutes or can be triggered via the actions tab in the driver properties or via programming action.

This is a free driver provided by Chowmain Software & Apps.  As a free driver it comes as is and without support.

Chowmain Software & Apps is not affiliated with Duck DNS.

Download Free Duck DNS driver


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