FREE Dealer Showroom Licencing

Chowmain drivers for ELAN push the ELAN home automation system to new heights with features not normally offered with ELAN out of box.  Our goal is to make you, the ELAN dealer, as high tech and profitable using ELAN with Chowmain drivers.

Our dealer showroom licencing is 100% FREE.  This is to encourage you to learn how each one of our drivers works and to also demonstrate these cool drivers to your customers in your showroom.  Our amazing drivers could make or break your sale! That is how advanced they are.  There are some T&C's on obtaining the licence which are outlined below in our FAQ.

Dealer Showroom FAQ

What is a dealer showroom licence?
A dealer showroom licence is a free licence that is universally unlocks all Chowmain drivers.  The licence is designed for you, the dealer, to familiarize yourself with the functionality of Chowmain drivers and to demonstrate the drivers to customers in your showroom.  We want you dealers to understand our software and provide your customers with the best ELAN experience possible through our drivers.

How does it work?
The one licence can be used on any Chowmain driver to unlock it.  Once it is used for the first time it is locked down to the MAC address of that particular ELAN controller and cannot be reassigned to another controller.  

How much is it and how many licences do i get?
A dealer will get a single licence for FREE.  The one licence will work on as many Chowmain drivers as you want in the one showroom project.

Are there any terms & conditions?
By obtaining a dealer showroom licence you agree to the following conditions

  • You agree to only utilise this licence for demonstration purposes at your showroom and not at a customer or employees home.
  • You agree that you will utilise the licence to learn how Chowmain drivers are installed and operated.
  • You agree to promote Chowmain drivers to your customers by demonstrating them in action at your showroom or by other means.
  • One licence will be issued to you per showroom.  Showrooms are not employee homes.  Evidence of additional showrooms must be presented to Chowmain for additional showroom licences.  We may need to speak to your local ELAN Sales Manager to confirm that you have a secondary showroom.
  • You will be signed up to our mailing list.  This mailing list is used to notify dealers about new drivers we have developed, any sales we may have and any new news in relation to ELAN drivers.
  • We may terminate your dealer showroom licence if you have not purchased any licences in a 12 month period.

Can i use this licence on my customer's system so he can test your drivers out?
This licence is for use in showrooms only for demonstration purposes and for educational purposes.  All of our drivers come with a 48 hour trial for your customer evaluation.  Do not utilise your licence for a customers home as it will not be revoked once assigned.

I have multiple showrooms.  Can i have an additional licence?
In certain cases we will allow you to have a secondary licence for your second showroom provided you give us evidence that this showroom exists.  This does not include a dealer's personal home.

What if i want to use Chowmain licences at my home?
Dealer employees will get a 25% discount for their own home.  Contact us to get a discount coupon for your employees.

My licence doesn't work?
Licences are locked to the first system it is used on.  You can see what sytem it is locked to via the driverCentral website once you login.

Where do i download your drivers from?

All of our drivers can be downloaded from our distributor's website

I want to buy a licence for my customer.  How do i do that?
All licences can be purchased from our distributor's website

I can't get one of your drivers to work.  How can i get support?
We have two technical support desks which can assist.  You can call either one via phone, utilise live chat or submit a ticket 

Technical Support


How do i get my dealer showroom licence?
Once you have finished reading this FAQ and agree to the terms click on the 'Request Dealer Showroom Licence' link below to fill out a form to verify that you are an ELAN dealer.  This is a manual process and once we have verified your dealership we will issue you with a licence.  Keep this licence safe.  Note we may need to contact you to verify your dealership.