Event Logging Driver

The Control4 Home Automation system has built in logs in the form of debug logs.  Unfortunately these logs are used by multiple devices and drivers and have alot on information in it that can be confusing.  Sometimes you just want to log if a light turns on or when the security system has been armed.

Chowmain has developed a simple to use event logging driver that stores programmed actions in a file stored on the controller.  This file can be accessed via an inbuilt web page or via the file share.

The application can be downloaded from the Control4 4store.  This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.


  • Program an action to log an event and/or variable change.
  • Each log has the time and date.
  • File is accessible via a Control4's touchscreens, onscreen GUI and mobile/tablet applications, file share or via a web page.
  • Accessible using 4sight.
  • Log upto 2mb of content.

Example Usage Scenarios

  • Logging activity in the home.  Eg when motion is sensed, lights turn on/off, doors open/close, security system armed/disarmed.
  • Troubleshooting problematic systems – Eg for systems that turn on automatically for no reason
  • Monitoring system reboots – Eg programming OnProjectLoaded to see when the system has restarted.
  • Combine with FREE Chowmain Ping driver to monitor internet and device outages.
  • Plus much more!

Download Installation Guide

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

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