Fermax N-City Doorstation driver for Control4


The Fermax N-City Sip Doorstation for Control4 allows for two way audio/video sip communications between Control4 T3 touchscreens and Fermax N-City Doorstations with the ability to trigger relays 1 or 2 for gate or door strike release


  • Two way audio/video intercom
  • Ability to view camera without intercom being used
  • Ability to trigger relays 1 & 2 without intercom being used.

What hardware will this work for?

fermax 2.png

This driver will allow you to view the camera on Android/IOS and EA-X Controllers and talk through the Control4 T3 touchscreen.  It will not work with legacy Flash based hardware.

Is this driver FREE?

This driver is sold and supported directly by Fermax Australia.  Please contact the Fermax Australia office via the following email addres sales@fermaxaus.com.au 

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