Foxtel Channel Updater

Foxtel IQ 3 Box

Foxtel is an Australian pay television service provider which provides a set top box with a digital TV tuner, personal video recorder and numerous subscription channels, radio, video on demand, pay per view movies and more

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Chowmain is providing a free Foxtel channel updater which will automatically update the Foxtel channels in the Control4 media list.  This will ensure that your customers Foxtel channels are always upto date on the Control4 navigator.  You will no longer have to update channel lists ever again should Foxtel choose to change their channel numbers, add channels or remove channels. Schedule it periodically so that the channels will always be upto date.

IMPORTANT NOTICE : Updating channels will break existing favorites in Control4 OS 3.0.0. As such it is recommended that scheduling should only be utilised for systems that are not utilising favorites. If favorites is required then a manual update via an experience button is recommended with favorites being manually regenerated afterwards.

Disclaimer: As a free driver this driver comes as is and without any helpdesk support.

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