Generic Fan Controller Driver (IR)

Infra red fans are widely available around the world.  Chowmain's Generic Fan Controller Driver allows you to easily integrate multi speed IR fan's into Control4 for increased comfort in your home.  Our driver introduces a low cost multi speed fan solution since no expensive hardware is required (infra red hardware comes standard with on all Control4 systems).

Once integrated you can use your android tablet, iPad, Control4 touchscreen or system remote control to control you fan.  You can also schedule your fan to turn on, control your fan remotely or even adjust the fan speed based upon temperature variables in your home.

Infra-red fan's and fan controllers can be obtained from manufacturers such as Clipsal and Lutron.  Note this driver will work with any infra-red fan with discrete infra red codes.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.



  • Multiple Modes
    • Off
    • Low
    • Medium
    • Medium High
    • High
  • Definable Hex IR codes in properties
    • Easyto manage
    • Can have multiple copies of the same driver with different IR codes
    • Definable IR repeat counts.
  • Optional On code can be sent before any speed change to ensure the fan is on (not required by most IR fans)
  • IR Binding
    • You can bind it to any infra red output in your Control4 system.
  • Definable Preset Level
    • Can be configured to Low, Medium, Medium High or High.  This is used for when a toggle or on command is issued (usually by the Control4 SR-250).

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