Generic Thermostat Driver (IR)


Control4 have advised us of a bug that effects control over IR based HVAC systems on EA controllers. They have created a patch to fix this issue for OS 2.8.2. This patch will be included in future versions of OS automatically. Please see knowledgebase article below if this effects you. 

Split infrared controlled HVAC systems are quite common in Australia and New Zealand.  The issue with these systems is that control is only one way, without any feedback what so ever.  Furthermore each IR string contains code information about the mode, fan speed and set point within in.  Given this you must learn every single combination of IR code to get full integration into your home automation system.

The Chowmain Generic IR Thermostat driver enables us to integrate infrared controlled HVAC systems into the Control4 system with feedback from a dry contact (to sense if it is on/off) and temperature input from the Control4 Thermostat, Axxess Motion Sensors, Card Access Contact Sensor or Relays.

In addition to this the driver also adds in preset functionality and the ability to schedule.  This provides a total smart solution for what would be a one way system.

This driver is compatible with HVAC systems that utilize Celsius.  This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.7 and above.

The two options we recommend for installation are as follows:

  • Option A: 'Retrofit' via a card access Zigbee 2 IR device / Matterlink MultiX gateway
  • Option B: 'New Construction' via hard wired connection from a Control4 Controller or IO Extender.

In both cases installation is recommended on the interior of the heat pump chassis to ensure a clean look.  However if this voids the manufactures warranty a tidy exterior installation can easily be done. 

thermostat solution.png


  • Inbuilt Web server for control, setup and backup or IR codes.
  • Ability to test IR codes via the Web setup page.
  • Heat, Cool & Auto HVAC modes supported.
  • Low, Medium, High & Auto Fan modes supported.
  • 16 – 30 degrees of Set Point supported.
  • Temperature Feedback from Axxess Motion Sensor, Control4 Thermostat, Card Access Contact Sensor or Card Access Contact Relay.
  • Power State Feedback via dry contact input.
  • Ability to Add Presets
  • Ability to Schedule

Download Installation Guide

Download IR backup files

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

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