Generic Security System Driver

Control4 provides integration for 3rd party security systems.  Unfortunately the integration is limited to select few panels.  To combat this and provide integration for many more panels Chowmain has developed the generic security system driver.  This driver utilizes low level relays and contacts to control and get feedback from a security panel.  It also features a virtual keypad with definable security code for arm and disarm functionality from the Control4 user interface.  Note that a security system installer is required to reconfigure the security panel.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Use Case Scenarios

  • Customer has a security system which has not been integrated via a high level interface (RS232, TCP/IP) into Control4.
  • Customer has a low level security system with no high level interface.
  • Dealer does not have a security system and wants to show how automated tasks could trigger upon arm or disarm of a security system.
  • Customer does not have a security system but wants a holiday mode to be activated whilst away (note this is no replacement for a real security system).


I am a consumer.  What benefits do i get from using this solution?

Your existing security system becomes a smart security system which will enable functionality such as :

  • Triggering a whole house off (ie lights, audio/visual, shutters, blinds, hvac all off) when you leave and arm your home.
  • Triggering a welcome home event when you come home (eg lights on if its dark, shutters/blinds opening if its during the day or even your favourite play list).
  • Notifying you if your alarm goes off via email or push notification (requires 3rd party driver and/or 4sight)


  • Feedback via contact closure
    • Armed/Disarmed Feedback Contact (Closed armed/Opened disarmed)
    • Alarm Trigger Contact (Pulsed when alarm triggered)
  • Fake Feedback
    • Armed/Disarmed fake feedback upon virtual keypad arm/disarm.
    • Used for showrooms with no security system installed for dealer demo purposes.
  • Control via relay output
    • Arm Trigger Relay (Pulsed to arm)
    • Disarm Trigger Relay (Pulsed to disarm)
  • Virtual Keypad
    • Definable security code in properties
  • Events
    • Armed to Home/ Away (Both are the same)
    • Disarmed
    • Enters Alarm State
    • Invalid Code Entered
    • Help Pressed
    • 3 x Function Buttons

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