HDANYWHERE MHUB PRO (8x8) 70, MHUB (8x6+2) driver



MHUB PRO (8x8) 70

Connectivity-rich professional series 8x8 HDMI/HDBT+mirror matrix system with long-range video (4K 70m/1080p 100m),
network extension and powerful control options. A ‘one-wire’ UHD/4K-capable whole-home AV hub, that hides home entertainment
devices centrally and makes them universally available on every display. All easily-controlled via the free uControl app or with the
hands-free convenience of Alexa voice control - also features remote monitoring and management via HDA Cloud, designed to
reduce the necessity for callouts and site visits. Capable of carrying Ultra HD 4K + support for HDR and Dolby Vision®. Integration
needs are well catered for, with each of the eight display outputs featuring both multichannel digital audio extraction and stereo
downmixing, making for easy integration with multizone amplifiers or audio matrices.


MHUB (8x6+2)

Cloud-monitorable 8x6+2 HDMI/HDBT+HDMI matrix system with a 40m UHD 4K or 70m 1080p transmission range. An integrated
IP>IR control processor enables property-wide control of all the connected sources and displays via the free uControl universal
remote App or Alexa voice commands.
Multichannel audio or stereo extraction can be selected to occur matched to any of the display zone outputs A-H. Remote cloud
monitoring is also possible, designed to reduce the necessity for callouts and site visits.


The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the HDANYWHERE MHUB 4x4 devices via IP

Driver Features

  • Auto discovery and self healing (means no static ip address required)

  • Full two way feedback.

  • Full matrix switching

  • IR expansion (use any of the IR ports as expanders within Control4)


What hardware will this work on?

This driver will work for the following model.  It may also work with future models.

  • MHUB PRO (8x8) 70

  • MHUB (8x6+2)

How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by HDANYWHERE and is FREE of charge

Who do i contact for driver support?

Please contact HDANYWHERE for technical support queries.

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