Chowmain Software & Apps is one of the world's leading software developers for home automation system apps, drivers, modules and plugins.  We develop drivers for manufacturers and assist them with marketing their new integration to thousands of integrators worldwide via direct email blasts, social media marketing and via our website which is frequented by over 6000 unique visitors every month.

We also help integrators by internally funding development for software solutions that fill in gaps for the market.  These drivers can be purchased 24/7 on a per project basis and are supported by our US and Australian helpdesks.

All of our drivers are built inhouse via our expert programmers.  We do not outsource development.  Our programmers are industry veterans who have worked for distributors/integrators, have formally trained integrators for various control systems and have programmed homes for over 10-20 years.  We have a close relationship with all the home automation brands we develop for and work in conjunction with them to ensure all of the drivers we develop are of the highest quality.