HPM icontrol

HPM icontrol is a discontinued lighting system manufacturered by HPM (now Legrand). The HPM icontrol driver and was first developed by Convergent Technologies but developed stopped when HPM announced the discontinuation of their product.  At that time the driver had one way control over lighting groups and had the ability to fire scenes via Control4 programming.

Chowmain has continued work on it in 2016 to update the driver to add two way feedback for lighting groups.

This is a FREE driver provided by Chowmain.  Please note as a free driver it comes as is and without any technical support.  If support is required we can assist with installation of the driver for our normal hourly rate.



  • Lighting

    • Two way control/feedback over lighting groups

    • Ability to set level or ramp to level

  • Relays

    • Two way control/feedback over on/off motorised devices tied to groups

  • Scenes

    • Ability to fire icontrol scenes via programming actions

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