Chowmain Icons Suite

The Chowmain Icon suite of drivers is designed for devices that can't (or shouldn't) be integrated into Control4 and have no controls once selected.  Traditionally most integrators use a DVD driver to display these devices however the issue with doing this is that there is a DVD user interface that pops up with buttons and there is a DVD icon which isn't appealing to the eyes.

Chowmain have made some drivers that display the icon for most popular devices and upon select show an image of the product.


  • Icon will display on your onscreen navigator, MyHome PC, T3 touchscreens, IOS and Android navigators.
  • No need to hack Control4's user interface to get these icons.  Just add the driver and it'll work and continue to work through upgrades.
  • No controls once selected.
  • Icon/Drivers for
    • Chromecast
    • DVI
    • Front Aux Input
    • HDMI
    • Laptp
    • Mac
    • Mac Mini
    • Macbook
    • PC
    • Powerpoint
    • Security Camera
    • Skype
    • VGA
    • WePresent

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