IP Trigger Module

The IP Trigger module is designed to create a device event based on an arbitrary HTTP or TCP connection. This allows you to generate automation events from devices that provides these types of triggers, like the Atlona HDMI switching devices. The ports for the web server and the TCP server can be set with system parameters. A single automation event can match either an HTTP connection or a TCP connection keeping programming simple. This also allows for devices that provide different connection types to utilise the same trigger.


  • Trigger a macro from an incoming HTTP connection. Simply send the web request to the processor.
  • Trigger a macro from an incoming TCP connection.
  • Custom ports can be set for both the HTTP server and the TCP server.

Usage Scenarios

  • Trigger a room power on macro when an HDMI source is routed to a local TV.
  • Create a macro to trigger when the button on a LaMetric Time is pressed.
  • Integrate a 3rd party touchscreen like Command Fusion
  • Integrate triggers from a variety of IoT devices.

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