Matterlink Multi-X


The Matterlink Multi-X URC module allows for control of the Multi-X RF and IR learning device. The module allows for learning and playing back 433Mhz RF, 315Mhz RF and IR codes.

The Multi-X can be used to learn remotes used to control garage doors, fans, heaters and a range of other devices. The device is not able to learn rolling code remotes, so you will need to check the remotes you want to learn before use.

Using a press and hold macro you can have a single button for learning and emitting the code.


  • Learn and playback 433Mhz RF
  • Learn and playback IR codes


What can i use this for?

  • This is great for learning in 433Mhz based RF devices such as
    • Blinds
    • Fans
    • HVAC
    • Garage Doors
    • and more
  • Blasting 360 degree IR signals
Accelerator - Send Code.png

What models will this work for?

This will work on most 433 devices.  Note rolling code based devices not supported.  For a list of known working devices please contact Matterlink.

Where can i buy it?

Matterlink have multiple distributors around the world.  Please contact them to find you local distributor

How much does the module cost?

The module is sponsored by the Australian URC distributor (Advance Audio Australia).  If you are one of their dealers then it comes free of charge.  Otherwise you will need to purchase a licence off of them

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