Miravue VIP System


Miravue provides low-cost IP video distribution & control systems over Ethernet, coax and wireless infrastructures for the connected home, office and consumer through custom integrators.

Miravue boxes can be set to either an encoder or decoder making it scalable within your system to suit your exact requirements.  They also provide additional IR and RS232 outputs for easy expansion of your Control4 system.

Miravue have sponsored creation of a driver which is available below for FREE.

Driver Features

  • Full two way feedback.
  • Upto 20 x 20 configuration
  • RS-232 Expansion (just make the binding)
  • IR Expansion (just make the binding)


Why is this driver cool?

Not only does it provide you with upto 20x20 matrixing but the driver also provides you with the ability to add additional RS232 and IR ports to your Control4 system.  Each additional Miravue box will add an addiitonal RS232 and IR port. You no longer need to sacrifice a port on your Control4 controller or IO Extender.

How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by Miravue and is FREE of charge

Who do i contact for driver support?

Please email info@miravue.com for technical support queries.

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