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The ultimate media player integration

Chowmain is proud to announce the immanent release of the Kodi Lite (XBMC) Driver for Control4.

This is the ultimate media player driver in Control4 to date with movie library import (full cover art and meta data) and playback, automatic room on airplay/upnp streaming from your mobile device, automatic room off when screensaver activates (when you're fallen asleep or walked away), automatic screen masking based upon video aspect ratio, Android OS control & navigation (for if you want to exit XBMC and control other android apps) and much more.

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Android IP Control now here

The Google Android driver for Control4 offers IP control over Android set top boxes and tablets. This allows you to use the SR-250 remote to launch and navigate Android applications easily on any rooted android device.

Some cool features include the ability to use the Android Control4 Application as an onscreen navigator and have the ability to launch any application on Room On command from Control4.

Have an android tablet in the wall?  Program it so that it'll launch an application on doorbell press.  The limit is your imagination.

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