We've been busy!

Chowmain has been open for business for 2 months now and boy has time flown.  At the time of writing we have developed and released 15 different drivers to market through our distributor Extra Vegetables and had numeous manufacturers approach us to help them integrate their product and get Control4 certification.  We will also be attending the Control4 Dealer Conferences in New Zealand and in Australia next week.  Feel free to come up and say hi if you're attending as well.


New Drivers

We have a ton of new drivers released since we first launched.

We've invented technology that will help manage your energy consumption, make Control4 talk to you over your speakers,  make Control4 awake of the weather forecasts and much more.

Licences for our driver's can be purchased through Extra Vegetables and comes with all of their perks including trial licences, one to show one to go promotions and 24 hour licence purchases/check in/check out capabilities.


Advanced Announcements Driver - Chowmain’s Advanced Announcements driver expands the announcement agent by providing integration with web based text to speech engines.  This gives you futuristic dynamically generated voice notifications over your Control4 system without any additional hardware.  Imagine waking up to the your home telling you the weather or being notified about how many phone calls & doorbell presses have happened whilst away.

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Duck DNS Driver - Duck DNS is a free service which will point a DNS (sub domains of duckdns.org) to an IP of your choice.  Chowmain has created a FREE driver which will automatically update the Duck DNS with the WAN IP address of the controller.  This is useful for homes with dynamic internet connections.

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eGauge EG3000 - The eGauge EG3000 driver and app for Control4 provides live feedback on the current power consumption within the home.  This is useful for demand response, load control/shedding, device health and safety scenarios. 

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Generic Security System Driver - This driver utilizes low level relays and contacts to control and get feedback from a security panel.  It also features a virtual keypad with definable security code for arm and disarm functionality from the Control4 user interface

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Generic Fan Controller - Infra red fans are widely available around the world.  Chowmain's Generic Fan Controller Driver allows you to easily integrate multi speed IR fan's into Control4 for increased comfort in your home.  Our driver introduces a low cost multi speed fan solution since no expensive hardware is required (infra red hardware comes standard with on all Control4 systems).

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TCP Command Driver - This driver allows you to fire simple TCP/IP commands and HTTP URLs from a Control4 programmable action.  This is useful to initiate camera triggers, NAS shutdowns and to make quick one off TCP/IP based AV device drivers.

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Weather Forecast Drivers - The Chowmain Forecast.io and OpenWeatherMap drivers brings current weather conditions and 2 day forecasts into Control4 for use in the home automation system via the internet services.  This is useful for automating services within the home based upon the external environment without the need for additional hardware. 

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