TV Shows, Youtube, VEVO, Movie browsing and more now available on Control4

Melbourne, Australia - Chowmain Software & Apps has developed the first driver for the Control4 home automation system that allows for advanced browsing of media such as TV Shows, Movies, Youtube, VEVO and more on your Control4 user interface.

This fills in a gap which dealers have been asking for from Control4 for years.

The driver, Kodi Full, is developed to integrate the software based Kodi Media Center (  Kodi can be installed on various platforms including Windows, OSX & Linux HTPC's, Raspberry Pi's, Android Set Top Boxes and even QNAP NAS drives.

With Kodi a customer no longer has to manage their media.  Just copy their ripped Movies and TV shows onto a NAS and Kodi will import it into its database.

Playback on Control4 is extremely simple by just browsing using your touchscreen, tablet, mobile device, onscreen navigator or even your SR250/SR260 remote conrol.

The driver can also turn on your Kodi system automatically upon streaming Airplay or UPnP content.  It's smart enough to know that if you send a video or picture it will turn on the TV/Projector.  If you send audio it will just turn on the receiver.

If you fall asleep at the couch or forget to unpause your show the driver will automatically turn the room off when Kodi's screensaver activates.

It can even detect the aspect ratio of the movie to automatically adjust masking and projection modes.

The driver is easily the most advanced media player driver on Control4 and is available now.