Nexus 21 Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount Module

Apex TV Mount_V2_w_screen.jpg

The Nexus 21 Apex Motorized TV Wall Mount allows for full control over the motorised device. The device is capable of moving in multiple directions as well as moving to preset locations. This device is the first of its kind to include IP control and feedback.

Product Features

  • Ultra-flexible wall box allows for in-wall and on-wall mounting configurations

  • Near-gapless in-wall mounting, with the TV resting just 3/4" off the wall

  • A revolutionary instantaneous drive release feature disengages the motors during manual operation, preventing damage to the mount if the user pushes or pulls it into position

  • Simple, three-step installation

  • Proprietary COBRA Concealed Cable-Management System

  • Dedicated component mounting locations, outlet punch-outs and more

  • Smooth, quiet motion

  • Programmable with up to 3 presets


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