Notification Suite

The notification suite consists of two modules, email and notifications. These modules can send messages based on any event URC can generate. The also allow for image attachments to be included from local devices. This is especially useful for sending camera images. There is also support for camera that require a username and password (as long as they support HTTP Basic Auth).


Email (SMTP) - The first module is email (called SMTP). You can use this to send an email to anyone through your email server. The emails can have attachments that are local http links - like the sort that most IP based security cameras have. An image attached in this way will show up as the full image in the email message.

Notifications (Pushover) - The pushover module can both send and receive notifications and like the email module can attach images. Some pushover apps are capable of directly showing the image attached to the notification but even the ones that don’t will get a link accessible remotely.  If you use pushover on an iPhone it is possible for the images to be automatically displayed. The pushover service requires a once off $4.99USD purchase to keep using after its 7-day trial period expires.

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