Orvibo WiWo-S20

Control4 supplies the wireless outlet switch that makes any household plug-in device, like lamps, appliances and electronics part of the Control4 system by turning a standard outlet into a smart outlet. Unfortunately this device is not available to the majority of the world as it only supports 120VAC voltage for US plug type devices.

Introducing the Orvibo S20 Smart Socket. It has US/UK/EU/AU/CN plug types and is extremely affordable. This WiFi based power outlet supports up to 10amps (100-240VAC) and can be easily integrated into the Control4 home automation system using the Chowmain Orvibo S20 driver.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above for S20 outlets (and rebadged variants)


  • Auto discovery of S20 device on the network

  • Auto update of IP address and port upon change

  • Abilty to connect driver to outlet light or relay device drivers which in turn allows you to view the correct icon on navigator interface or even eliminate standby power on AV based devices.

  • Ability to connect driver to keypad buttons (with LED feedback) to allow for quick on/off/toggle programming

  • On/Off feedback from the device.


Can you give us some examples of how we could use this driver?

  • In Australia we do not have access to the Control4 outlet switch. As such we cannot easily integrate floor lamps, bedside table lights, fans, electric heaters, towel rails, etc easily. This driver fills in the gap to integrate these devices into the Control4 system.
  • This driver allows connection to the Control4 outlet light driver and any relay based binding. As such you can get the correct icon on your navigator and also bind it to your AV device to minimise standby power.
  • This driver allows connection to any Control4 keypad for ease of use programming.

Why should i use this product over the other outlets on the market?

This product is extremely affordable.  You could buy 3 to 5 of these of these for the price of one of the competing products (including the cost of the driver).

What hardware will this work on?
This driver will work with the S20 AU/EU/UK/US/CN smart sockets made by Orvibo. The driver will also work with the following products as it is rebadged. There may be other rebadged S20's out there that we do not know of. Please utilise the built in 48 hour trial first to test prior to purchasing a licence.

  • Arlec PC180 (sold at Bunnings, Australia)
  • Bauhn W2 (sold at Aldi, Australia)
  • Bayit Home Automation BH1810 (sold at Home Depot & WalMart, USA)
  • WiSPP (sold in the UK)
  • Time2 (sold in the UK)
  • ON THE WAY (sold on Amazon)
  • Orvibo, (sold on Aliexpress, Banggood & other online retailers)

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