Relay to Light Driver

There are numerous devices in Control4 that have relay outputs.  These relays can be used to switch numerous devices on and off including lighting.  Control4 do not have a method of natively displaying these relay devices as lighting devices.  This driver will allow you to connect a relay output and display it as a ON/OFF lighting device.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.


  •  Works with Advanced Lighting Scenes
  • On/Off control from navigator
  • On/Off feedback from the relay 
  • Invert Relay functionality
  • Keypad Button Bindings / LED colours
  • Support to update the broken Card Access HPC Lighting driver.  This is useful for those who do not want to reprogram any bindings, actions, conditional logic, etc.  All you need to do it update the obsolete driver (under manage drivers), restart director and enter the driver licence in.

Download Installation Guide

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

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