Russound MCA URC Module



The Russound MCA URC module allows for control of the MCA-66 and MCA-88 units in either single or stacked configuration (supporting up to 48 zones with 6 MCA-88 units).
The module provides simple control over each zone with driver functions for the most common controls.
For more complex programming a number of Two Way commands and Events are available for use in your macros

The Russound MCA module for URC has two way commands for

  • Volume and Mute

  • Input Selection

  • Party Mode

  • Sleep Timer

  • System Favorites

It also has the following Device Events

  • Volume and Mute Level

  • Source Change

  • Power State

  • Shared Source Change

  • Do Not Disturb State

  • Party Mode

  • Sleep Time Remaining


What hardware will this work on?

This module will work for the following models.  It may also work with future models.

  • MCA 6 in single or stacked mode, up to 36 zones

  • MCA 8 in single or stacked mode, up to 48 zones

How much does this module cost?

This module is sponsored by Russound and is FREE of charge

Russound MCA Series

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