SMTP Email Driver

The Chowmain SMTP driver for Control4 provides email sending capabilities for the Control4 Home Automation System without the need of a Control4 4sight service.  It allows you to utilise free SMTP services provided by internet service providers or other providers such as Google.  Our SMTP driver provides the dealer with an email service that can be replied to, can be formatted with HTML and can attach files to without any ongoing yearly costs.

This driver does not require a 4sight subscription service

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Usage Scenarios

This driver can be used for several different scenarios.  Some examples are as below but the limit is really your imagination.

  • Notifying the  owner upon door bell press.  If you have a IP camera at the front door you can also send the camera snapshot as an attachment.
  • Uploading log files (requires Chowmain event logger driver).
  • Notifying the  owner when the garage door has been left open
  • Reminding the  owner of special events
  • Advising the owner of the current temperature and power consumption/generation.
  • Advise an  owner when they have left the oven on
  • Advising an owner if they have a gas or water leak.
  • Advising an owner of when a security system is armed or disarmed and by whom.



  • No 4sight subscription necessary
  • Server Settings
    • Use your own SMTP service.
    • Definable Port
    • Support SSL
    • Supports SMTP Authentication
    • Definable Senders Name
    • Definable Senders Email
  • Feedback
    • Last Email Recipient
    • Last Email Subject
    • Last Email Body
    • Server Status
  • Ability to send a message with the following parameters.
    • To – This is the email address you want to send to
    • Subject  – The subject of the email
    • Recipient Name (optional) – The name of the recipient
    • Attachment – The HTTP URL of a local file on the network.  This option will auto download the camera snapshot and attach it to the email to be sent.  Great for
      • Camera Snapshots
      • Chowmain Logs
      • Anything stored on a webserver that you might want to upload!
    • Body – The body of the email.  Can support HTML tags as well so you can format your email nicely.  Can also support variable insertion.