Tinycontrol IP Power Socket


Tinycontrol offer budget IP controlled rack mount power control for the EU market.  Chowmain have created a Control4 driver to control the range of IP power sockets made by Tinycontrol with two way control and feedback  This is extremely useful for energy saving and remote troubleshooting.

Integration into Control4 enables Control4 to do emergency shutdowns. This ensures that the health of your customer’s rack based equipment is maintained.

You may need to reboot a device that has locked up. Sending a technician on-site can be inconvenient and expensive. This driver will enable you to reboot a device remotely via 4Sight.


  • Control & Feedback over 5 or 6 outlets
  • Events for when outlets turn on or off
  • Programatically turn on or off any outlet.
  • Bind outlets to relay devices in Control4.
  • Power Socket Board Temperature exposed to variable for programming

Events Triggered on

  • Outlet X turned on
  • Outlet X turned off

Programming Actions

  • Turn Circuit X On
  • Turn Circuit X Off


  • Output 1 Relay
  • Output 2 Relay
  • Output 3 Relay
  • Output 4 Relay
  • Output 5 Relay
  • Output 6 Relay


  • Board Temperature


What can i use this for?

  • Automatically power on or off power amps and other AV equipment when Control4 requires them.
  • Power cycle a device through Control4's navigator interface.
  • Turn off all un-neccesary equipment when the security system is armed. Turn them back on when the security system is disarmed.

Why do you only support OS 2.6 and above?
OS 2.6 offers a superior security encryption algorithm and a new and improved driver format. We have decided to only utilise this new format to ensure that the integrity of this driver is not compromised and that we can provide the best dealer/user experience available.

What models will this work for?

This driver works on all IP models of the Tiny Control IP Power Socket Range


It may work for future models however we recommend that you utilise the trial built into the driver out prior to purchasing a licence.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.


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