Tinycontrol IP Power Socket


The TinyControl PDU module is for control of the TinyControl range of IP power sockets. These units provide individual control of up to 6 sockets and up to 4 temperature sensors.

The module shows the current status of all the sockets ans has the ability to toggle them on and off. The name shown on the buttons reflects the name given in the configuration of the PDU. You can toggle any of the outlets on or off from this screen.

The module also provides Two Way commands to turn any of the sockets on or off. It also provides Automation Events that trigger when a socket is power on or off. Additionally there is an Automation Event that triggers when the sensors change state


  • Control & Feedback over 5 or 6 outlets
  • Events for when outlets turn on or off
  • Events to trigger when a sensor is equal to, not equal to, greater than, greater than or equal to, less than or less than or equal to the value you specify.
  • Programatically turn on or off any outlet.


What can i use this for?

  • Automatically power on or off power amps and other AV equipment when URC requires them.
  • Power cycle a device through tor interface.
  • Turn off all un-neccesary equipment when the security system is armed. Turn them back on when the security system is disarmed.

What models will this work for?

This driver works on all IP models of the Tiny Control IP Power Socket Range


It may work for future models however we recommend that you utilise the trial built into the driver out prior to purchasing a licence.

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