Variable Manipulator Driver

Control4 offers basic Mathematic operations on variables in the programming tab.  This is limited to setting a value, randomizing a value, incrementing or decrementing values and setting to the value of another variable.

The Chowmain Variable Manipulator driver for Control4 provides variable manipulation capabilities for use in Control4 programming.  This can be used to add multiple variables to a string or to perform more complex mathematical equations using one or more variables.  This makes Control4 programming more flexible.

This driver will only work on Control4 OS 2.6 and above.

Usage Scenarios

This driver can be used for several different scenarios.  Some examples are as below but the limit is really your imagination.

  • Showing text and 1 or more variables on the announcement agent (rather than just text or just the variable value).
  • Adding multiple variables together or performing math on the variable.
  • Formatting numbers into values that are more human friendly (eg percentages or fractions) for use in notifications, emails or announcements


  • Add 1 or more variables into a string (can be any variable including string, numbers, Boolean or device).
  • Perform pretty much any form of math you want including complicated formulas.


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