VSSL A.6 Driver for URC



Enjoy your music like never before. The VSSL A.6 gives you audio streaming for up to 6 zones in your house. Listen to any app in the world from up to 6 different devices on 6 different zones all at once. You can also group zones together for multi-room or whole-home listening.

The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the VSSL A.6 device via IP

Driver Features

  • Automatic discovery upon entering MAC address
  • Self Healing if IP address changes occur
  • Simple setup as a matrix switcher, just drag in your zones in Accelerator.
  • Correctly tracks remote streaming events and updates the now playing details using the same technique used by Alexa.
  • Automatic detection and display of streaming source available as a device event
    • Airplay
    • Google Cast
    • Spotify Connect
  • Play/Pause/Stop commands for streams.
  • Volume configurable vis a Two Way command as well as directly on the tocuhscreen
  • Party mode can be directly configured with a Two Way Command
  • Device events for Playback status, Source/Service selected, mute state, Eco mode, EQ mode and Party mode state.


Why is this amplifier so special?

This amplifier adds 6 x Google Cast, Spotify Connect and Apple Airplay zones to URC in addition to having 6 matrixed analog inputs.  Start a stream from your phone or PC, or even use a voice assistant, URC will automatically shift to the correct source. The VSSL unit is also the first to have two way control over Google Cast audio with play/pause/stop and stream detection.

What hardware will this work on?

This driver will work on the VSSL A.6 multi-channel amplifier.

How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by VSSL and is FREE of charge

Who do i contact for driver support?

Please contact VSSL for technical support

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