Xiaomi Dafang / Xiaomi Xiaofang / Wyze Cam v2 / Wyze Pan / Neos SmartCam driver for Control4



Chowmain is proud to announce Xiaomi Dafang / Wyze Pan / Wyze Cam V2 / Xiaofang 1S / Neos Smart Cam driver for Control4 with Pan/Tilt/Preset functionality and JPEG/H264 based video.  This USB powered indoor camera is extremely affordable (starts from $20 USD MSRP) and can be retrofit almost anywhere since it is Wifi based.  This is all achieved via the installation of a custom firmware which provides compatibility.


  • Support T3 Touchscreens, EA controllers, iOS, Android & Navigators

  • Pan / Tilt functionality

  • Ability to set upto 5 presets via driver's properties along with Home position

  • Support for Control4 Push Notification Attachments

  • Support for Chowmain Notification Suite Attachments (email and push)

  • Extra Commands

    • Reboot

    • Shutdown

    • Blue LED On/Off

    • Yellow LED On/Off

    • IR LED On/Off

    • IR LED Cut On/Off

    • Auto Night Mode Start

    • Auto Night Mode Stop

    • Motion Detection On/Off

    • Motion Detection Mail On/Off

    • Motion Detection LED On/Off


What is so special about these products?

The Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S, Xiaomi Dafang, Wyzecam V2 and Wyzecam Pan are some of the most affordable PTZ and NON PTZ cameras on the market.  The products start at $20 USD MSRP and are great for entry level Control4 systems.  As these cameras are wifi based and powered off USB they can be retrofit almost anywhere!

What Cameras do you support?

This driver is designed to work with custom camera firmware found here -https://github.com/EliasKotlyar/Xiaomi-Dafang-Hacks

The firmware is compatible with the following cameras.

Download Installation Guide

Download Driver / Purchase Licence

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