Blackdove for Control4

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Blackdove is a comtempory subscription based streaming digital art provider.

The FREE* Blackdove driver for Control4 allows for control over the selection of playlists on any Blackdove client. 

For optimium experience we recommend utilising a dedicated client such as a PC

*Blackdove subscription required


  • Browse / Playback your artwork from almost any Control4 User Interface including
    • iOS
    • Android
    • T3 Touchscreen
    • Onscreen Navigator
    • MyHome PC.
    • Infinity Edge Touchscreen
  • Programatically select playlist or individual artwork


I want to use this driver with the built in TV application.  How do i do that?
As we cannot launch the blackdove application on a specific TV we do not advise using the built in smart application.  Please utilise a dedicated PC or android set top box that has blackdove running in the foreground at all times.

What cool things can i do?
The driver allows the user to select playlists and individual art from playlists from any Control4 user interface.  Playlists/Art can also be programatically selected upon a specific event.  This can create some pretty magical experiences when combined with occupancy triggers and other similar automation events.  Imagine entering a room and having the artwork in the room change to your preferences.

I want to use a dedicated PC or Raspberry Pi for my display?
Visit and register the code to your account.  This will permanently tie in that PC to your account.  Make sure that the PC/Raspberry Pi is setup to launch that webpage upon startup.

Driver available from Blackdove

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