Blustream ACM200 Driver



The Blustream UHD Multicast distribution platform allows distribution of HDMI video over a 1GB Network switch. The ACM200 Advanced Control Module allows for control of the Multicast system from Control4 via TCP/IP.

The FREE driver developed by Chowmain will integrate the UHD Multicast distribution series of Blustream devices via the Blustream ACM200

Driver Features

  • Full two way IP control & feedback.

  • Upto 64 x 64 configuration

  • Matrix Switching / Routing

  • One way RS-232 output from transmitters or receivers.

  • Fix VIDEO OUTPUT:xxx from INPUT:yyy

  • Fix AUDIO OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy

  • Fix IR OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy

  • Fix RS232 OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy

  • Fix USB OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy

  • Fix CEC OUTPUT:xxx From INPUT:yyy

  • Set CEC OUTPUT:yyy ON or Off

  • Set OUTPUT:xxx Fast Switching On or Off

  • Set OUTPUT:xxx HDR On or Off

  • Reboot Receiver

  • Rotate Receiver Video Output

  • Stretch video Output (keep aspect ratio stretch to fit)

  • Switch Receiver (Output) between Matrix and Video Wall mode

  • Receiver HDCP management mode

  • Set Scaler Output Resolution

  • Set CEC INPUT:yyy ON or Off

  • Set TX Audio source to HDMI audio

  • Set TX Audio source to Analog

  • Set TX Audio source to Auto

  • Reboot Transmitter

  • Copy EDID Input yyy from Output xxx

  • Set Input: yyy EDID To EDID:zz

  • Apply Config to Video Wall

  • Set Grouped Output from single Source Input:yyy

  • Turn IR control port On or Off

  • Set IO port to low(0) or high(1) level


How much does this driver cost?

This driver is sponsored by Blustream and is FREE of charge

Who do i contact for driver support?

Please email for technical support queries.

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