Brivis Networker Driver for Control4


The Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge allows Control4 to control any Brivis networker based HVAC system (back dating to the N-C3 manufactured in 2003) through IP based communications.

This driver was commissioned by Argus Technologies.

Argus Technologies is recouping the cost of development by licencing the driver out to other integrators.


  • Support for Gas Heating, Add-on Cooling & Evaporative Cooling systems.

  • Single Setpoint / Multi Setpoint system compatibility

  • Automatic discovery of the N-BW2 on the network

  • Self healing - if IP address changes the driver will automatically rediscover the unit.

  • Auto configuration of available HVAC Modes from Networker.

  • Auto configuration of available Fan Speeds from Networker.

  • Auto naming of zones

  • Multi-zone control

  • Temperature Feedback

  • Setpoint control

  • Fan speed control

  • Built in Scheduling

  • Built in Presets

  • HVAC System Error detection and feedback

  • N-BW2 offline/online events


Why is this product exciting?

Brivis is a major HVAC manufacturer in Australia whose products are heavily utilised in Victoria and southern states.  Integration of their Networker product line allows for a wider range of HVAC solutions for Australian Control4 consumers and dealers.

What HVAC systems can i use this driver with?

The Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge is compatible with all networker systems back dating to the N-C3 networker system (manufacturered in 2003). Please talk to you an authorised Brivis installer to get full compatibility details on the N-BW2 Networker Bridge.

Where can i purchase the N-BW2 Networker Bridge?

The Rinnai N-BW2 Networker Bridge is sold and installed by authorised Brivis dealers only.

Can i control multiple zones with this solution?

Yes we can control up to 4 zones using the N-BW2 networker bridge.

What system types is this compatible with?

This will control heating, add-on cooling and evaporative cooling systems with either single set point or multi set point configurations. The driver is smart enough to detect the different system types and reconfigure itself accordingly.

Can i schedule the HVAC system using this driver?

Yes our driver has built in presets and scheduling.  This scheduling is built into the driver and will override the scheduling in the Brivis Networker system.

Who do i contact for support?

All support enquiries should go through driverCentral where the US team will handle level 1 support and Argus Technologies will handle level 2 support.

I want to try this driver out before buying it?
All Argus Technologies drivers for Control4 come with a 7 day trial.

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