TP-Link ELAN.png

TP-Link Smart Home - TP-Link develop a range of affordable easy to install wifi based smart home products including smart outlets, wall switches and smart bulbs which can be integrated into ELAN with full two way control and feedback.

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Sainsmart iMatic v2 ELAN.png

SainSmart iMatic v2 - The SainSmart iMatic V2 provides 8 x 250V/AC 10A Relays channels that is controlled over ethernet TCP/IP.  This unit is extremely affordable, is powered via a local 12vdc supply and is also din mountable.  Other solutions cost upto 10 times more.  This is by far the cheapest way to integrate relays into ELAN.

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Big Ass Fans ELAN.png

Big Ass Fans/Big Ass Lights Haiku - The Chowmain Haiku Driver for ELAN allows integration of the Haiku based Big Ass Fans and Big Ass Lights into ELAN allowing full 2 way multispeed fan and multi level lighting control over your home.

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Command to Event Elan.png

Command to Event Driver - Chowmain’s Command to Event driver for ELAN allows ELAN programmers to override existing remote control buttons to fire event maps. This lets the programmers to be more creative in the solutions they provide their customers to add extra functionality on hard button remotes.

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IFTTT Maker Driver - The swiss army knife of drivers adds two way IFTTT communications to ELAN.  Adds Google Home, Amazon Echo, Push Notifications, SMS's, Phone calls, Tesla, BMW, other connected cars, twitter, emails, facial recognition, geofencing/location and so much more to ELAN.

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Oppo Logo.png

Oppo Bluray (All Models) - This driver provides advanced two way control/feedback over all Oppo bluray players including the new UDP-203/205   This two way feedback provides the consumer with an emersive experience where feedback from the player automates lighting, projection modes, screen masking, automated projector/tv/receiver power and more.

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IRUSB Product.png

Videostorm IRUSB - The Videostorm IRUSB device allows us to control any Android set top box including the Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV, Foxtel Now, Xiaomi MiBox and more. It also adds additional IR outputs to ELAN by replicating the Global Cache protocol allowing for control over local IR devices via  the built in ELAN Global Cache drivers.

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PJLink ELAN.png

PJ Link Universal Projector Driver - PJLink is a unified communications standard adopted by multiple projector manufacturers. Supported manufacturers include (but not limited to) Benq, Mitsubishi Electric, InFocus, NEC, Casio, Canon, Sharp, Sky, Seiko Epson, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi and Ricoh.  This driver will provide two way IP control over these projectors.

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JULY 2017

British Sky+ HD / Sky Q Driver - This driver provides IP control over the British Sky+ HD & Sky Q / Sky Q mini set top boxes along with the ability to view channel guide information with artwork directly from the URC interfaces.

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MAY 2017

IntesisBox ELAN.png

IntesisBox - Provides integration to various HVAC systems using either a universal IntesisBox (uses IR control, IR feedback and temperature sensor) or specific IntesisBox (which connects directly to the sytem's communication bus).  Models can be retrofit easily as they are wifi and most can be powered directly from the HVAC system or 5vdc.

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FEB 2017

Belkin Wemo ELAN.png

Belkin WeMo - The Belkin WeMo is a WiFi controlled power output available for purchase world wide.  This relatively cheap device provides on/off control over devices that are not normally controllable.  From floor lamps to fans or eliminating standby power on your AV equipment, the possibilities are really endless.

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